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Advance entry is not required for two-wheelers, but please note that if you are bringing a two-wheeler in a van or on a trailer you must submit a car/van/trailer entry (see details required on the list below).

Payment - Donate on the day: £5 donations by the motorcycle and scooter entrants will be collected by the Ducati Owners Club and Great Western Air Ambulance volunteers. For two-wheeler enquiries please use bristol@docgb.net.

Each year there is a mass ride-in from Gordano Services. If you wish to participate you will need to arrive at the M5 J19 Gordano Services from 8.30am for a 9.30am departure.


Entrance for those displaying cars must be booked in advance. Display space is limited and cannot be made available for those arriving without advance tickets.

The car entrance fee for BIAMF 2017 is £20 for each accepted entry, for non-IAMC members. The entrance fee for BIAMF includes one years membership of IAMC, inclusive of a joining pack. Existing IAMC members whose membership renewal date falls due before the date of the Festival (including April) must renew their membership before their entry can be confirmed and may enter BIAMF at no additional cost, but please if possible, state your membership number at Question 2. As in previous years, we hope to make a substantial donation to our nominated charity after accounting for festival costs.

Display space is at a premium and therefore an early application is advised, especially from those with older or less commonly-seen cars . Acceptance of entries will be subject to the limitations and irregularity of the available parking areas and the need to provide a varied display. Please state if you are part of a club or group entry and we will endeavour to park you in the same street, but the best chance of parking together is to arrive together. However, nothing can be guaranteed due to the nature of the historic street plan, so please only enter if you are willing to be parked as directed. Please note that you are more likely to achieve a premium display position the earlier you arrive - 07:30 is not too early!

PLEASE NOTE: Only vehicles manufactured in Italy or elsewhere by Italian companies and named as an Italian marque will be accepted. However, ‘specials’ employing largely Italian components -particularly engine, chassis and transmission- may also be accepted, but please supply full details.

Please note that without our marshals we could not run the event and we need more of them to help the event run smoothly. It's great fun and you may be able to help your own clubmates into their display positions. All entrants who volunteer to marshal when applying for entry will receive a special souvenir. Marshals must arrive by 06.45am in order to receive the final safety briefing and be issued with necessary equipment. There will in addition, be a formal, more thorough briefing at 11am on the Sunday immediately before the Festival date, to which you will be invited.

IAMC members whose membership renewal date falls due before the date of the Festival (including April) must renew their membership before their entry can be confirmed. All IAMC members with a current membership at the date of the Festival will receive a free entry but MUST submit a fully completed entry form ASAP. (If you need to renew your membership please click here)

In the first instance please contact biamf@italianautomotoclub.co.uk stating all of the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your IAMC membership number, if applicable
  3. Your full postal address including post code
  4. Vehicle make, model, year
  5. Registration number
  6. Does your vehicle fit into any of our 'Anniversary' categories? If so, please state which
  7. A mobile phone number - for safety reasons we may have to contact you during the Festival
  8. Your home or business phone number if possible.
  9. Will you volunteer to marshal?
  10. Are you bringing your car/bike in a van or on a trailer or low loader?
  11. Marshals:-. You must be parked in your display position by 06.45 am ready for the marshal's briefing at 7.00 am., be willing to assist as required during the influx from 07.30 - 10.30 am., be available during the day for an hour or two (you will still have plenty of time to yourself) and be on hand to assist the other entrants leave the event between 3:30 - 4.00 pm.

Initially please send no money, just the above details. Following the acceptance of your entry application we will advise as to how you may pay the entry fee and IAMC membership fee, so please do not make financial commitments -such as hotel reservations which are dependent on your entry- until it has been confirmed.


If anyone wishes to promote a product or a company through the Festival, please contact us via the email below. Sponsors will receive a full 12 months of publicity on our websites.

We also welcome feedback and suggestions regarding the event. These and any other enquiries should be addressed to: biamf@italianautomotoclub.co.uk.

BIAMF is organised by the Italian AutoMoto Club with the assistance of the Bristol branch of the Ducati Owners Club. Click on the logos below for details of these clubs.

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